Drain Re-Lining

Drain Re-Lining is a brilliant new form of a No-Dig Repair Technology. Drain Re-Lining is proven and established method of placing a new pipe within an existing damaged pipe without excavation and with minimal disruption.

What is Drainage Re-Lining?
Drain Re-lining is a specialised form of sleeve similar to glass reinforced plastic. It is strong and high quality. The sleeve (new pipe) is measured to the length of the damaged pipe or drain run and cut to size. The sleeves are only 3mm in thickness and will create no flow loss. The engineer will mix together the special resin containing an activating catalyst to impregnate a fibreglass resin into the sleeve (new pipe) prior to installation.


On installation to the damaged pipe work they will then insert a special inversion tube to form the new pipe.  It pushes tightly to the damaged existing pipe work and creates a new pipe installation. The existing pipe line now has a new pipe line inserted in which is tough, strong and sealed to the wall surface. This will now make a better smooth flow along the pipe lines with no obstructions or defects.


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Benefits from Drain Re-Liners

    Prevents costly excavation and disruption to the property or place of work.
    Guarantees a good flow rate and permanent structural repair.

    Seals all open joints and cracks preventing leaks and prevents root ingress.

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